Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mazatlan Smoked Marlin Dip

In Mazatlan, Mexico, there is a famous old restaurant called "The Shrimp Bucket" on the malecon- the avenue that runs along the sea-wall.  Many a shrimp and a margarita have been consumed there out on the front porch, happily gazing at the Pacific Ocean.  It's still a wonderful place to go.
They have an appetizer there, usually served in a leaf of a purple cabbage, and with delicious freshly cooked tostadas (see prior post) that I just love.  So naturally, I went about getting myself some smoked marlin and re-creating it.
Now, I'm not sure how this works, but it seems that the smoked "marlin" that one buys in Mazatlan may not be marlin, but tuna.  As you can see on the package that I bought, it says Marlin y Atun Ahumado.  Marlin and Tuna Smoked.  So I suppose they must not be discernably different in taste or texture.  I'd sure like to know more about this.  However, to continue...

Smoked Marlin/Tuna Dip
1/2 kilo or 1+ pounds of smoked fish
1/2 block of cream cheesse
1/2 c. good mayonaise
1/2 c. sour cream
juice of 1 lime
1T. soy sauce
1T. worchestershire sauce
3T sweet pickle relish
1T hot sauce or 1 chipotle jalapeno adobo
1 tsp. thai fish sauce (optional)
Place all in a blender or food processor and mix until smooth.

This is delicious and unusual.  Sit back and enjoy people saying "What is this?"


Anonymous said...

We just returned from Mazatlan and I got on the computer this morning to look for this recipe. Thanks so much for posting it. I had it early this week at the rest. and couldn't get enough of it. The only thing I would add is that it is a 'Spicy' Marlin Dip so I think you may want to add some juice from a can of jalapenos or add some jalapenos or serranos to the processor to give it a little bite. As for your question re the packaging - we purchased smoked tuna and marlin at the market. The label just means that they sell both products. At the market the marlin was labeled just as you purchased it and the tuna was unwrapped and they just wrapped it in cellophane. Hope this helps. Thanks so much for posting!

Jan said...

Hi. I'm glad you found it, and thanks for your info about the tuna/marlin question. As for the spicy element, you are right, it is spicy and I did include a chipotle jalapeno or some hot sauce in the recipe, but didn't include it in the photo of ingredients. You might want to check out my post about the Snook served at Cuchupetas in Villa Union. Thanks again.