Friday, November 5, 2010

Griggs Ensalada de Col, or Cole Slaw

This Post is being done as a Public Service.

One of the main things people seem to remember from Griggs Family Restaurant is the Cole Slaw.  None of that sickly sweet, mayonaisey stuff, no pickle juice, no pineapple, not for Josephine, no siree.  This was a slaw that made your taste buds stand up and salute!  Vinegar and Pepper!  Yeee-haw!

Did you know that cabbage in Spanish is col, as well as repolllo?  I didn't, until I read Mrs. Grigg's Cookbook.

So, if you've ever wondered where "Cole Slaw" came from, there's your answer.  Now, as for the word "Slaw"... ¿quíen sabe?

I also happen to think that the oil and vinegar in this recipe made for a slaw that would "hold up" as they say in restaurants.  No fears about bad mayonaise here, you could probably just jar this up and keep it on the shelf.  Just kidding...  (A little...)

So here it is:
Take a small head of green cabbage and shred it finely.  (Or you could buy the pre-shredded stuff and take your chances on "fresh").
A side note:  Am I the only person in the world whose mother had her convinced that this was just as good as candy?  And I never could convince my kids.  Oh, well...

1/4 c. olive oil or Wesson oil (from the book)
*2 T. vinegar (white, as I remember, but apple cider vinegar would be nice.)

1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. coarse grind black pepper (that's not how I remember it in the restaurant, I remember fine ground pepper straight from the can)
*I have to note that I ended up adding 2T. more of vinegar.  You might want to add more, somehow I think that Mrs. Griggs didn't share everything with us on this one.  Please tell me what you think.

"After cabbage is shredded, mix remaining ingredients together.  Add to slaw, mix well and chill before serving." I used latex gloves and my hands.  This takes a lot of tossin'.

This is a fresh, healthy and zing-y accompaniment to any Mexican dish, and a great alternative to plain old shredded iceberg.  
You're welcome!



You're the best! I lost my recipe years ago and never could quite get it right--even though it's so easy. My husband grew up in Las Cruces so we couldn't wait to go to Grigg's whenever we visited from Utah. We haven't been for years though--great memories! Thanks so much.

Jan said...

Thank you!

Mary said...

I just did a Google search on Griggs cole slaw because that's what I really wanted tonight with the red enchiladas I'm making and could not believe I found your awesome blog!! Score!! The cole slaw and Grigg's salsa recipe to boot!! I will be coming back to see what other goodies you have, but right now need to go make our dinner. Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

Loved this recipe! I used the extra vinegar too! Tastes just like I remember!!

Ski Gypsy said...

I was wondering if you would please post the recipe for green chile chicken enchiladas, please! I have had a craving for these since Mr. Edgar Griggs closed shop and went to the great chile fields beyond the Hatch horizon...I would be forever grateful

Jan said...

The recipe for the Green Chile Sauce is as follows: ( and she does not have a recipe in the book for Green Chicken Enchiladas. This may not be the one you wanted.
12 Green Chilis (they wrote it this way, not chile)
2 medium tomatoes
2 small buds of garlic
Salt and water
Roast and peel chilis. Devein and deseed. Chop the chili fine. Add tomatoes and garlic, salt and enough water to cover. Simmer 10 minutes, add more water as needed.
For Enchiladas Verdes
1 doz corn tortillas
2 cups grated cheese
3 cups green chili sauce 1/2 pint sour cream. Fry tortillas in hot fat, immerse in sauce. You know the rest! Hope this helps!

Ski Gypsy said...

Thank you so much for the recipe! It's exactly what I was hoping for and can't wait to make it asap!

I saw your photograph that was taken in Chamberino. I went to Gadsden High School (class of '88) right down the road and used to love to poke about in Chamberino.

If I may please ask, how and where did you get your copy of Mrs. Grigg's recipes? My sister and I have been looking for years and they are very elusive and coveted I am sure.

Again, thank you for your time,


Jan said...

Hello, Krista. I went to Gadsden, clas of '72. Yes, the books are hard to find. Every once in a while they come up "used" on Amazon", and at one time they were available at El Pinto in Albuquerque. I bought mine from the Griggs on Doniphan many years ago. Good luck and I hope you will find a copy! Thanks for the nice note.