Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Making "Crack" Brownies

Here is how I make brownies.  One of my son calls them "Crack" Brownies.  Funny, huh?   It all started when I read Katherine Hepburn's recipe in some magazine about 30 some-odd years ago.  Once you have that down, you just take it from there.
In a bowl, throw in a large chunk of butter.  It really doesn't matter how much, just as long as it's a lot.  2 sticks, say.  Then you put in what looks to be the same amount of chocolate.  By that I mean a large bar of dark or whatever you have on hand.  Throw it in the microwave and melt the chocolate bar and butter and stir it up.  Then you throw in a big bunch of cocoa, like 3 big spoonfuls.
Then add a nickel size pile of salt an a big glug of vanilla.
Stir that up and then start adding sugar.  Add sugar till it won't get greasy any more, like this.

Now add eggs, usually 3 is enough to make it thickly liquid, then add just enough self- rising flour to make it stop looking grainy, less than a cup.

I didn't put parchment paper under this batter and I should have.  Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  I like pecans on top but whatever.  Cut and take out of the pan when they are not hot but not cold.  That's it!

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