Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Different from my mother's, still good and cheap!

My Mother used to make salmon patties.  They were actually pretty good; I think it was a recipe from the Bisquick box.  Basically salmon pancakes.  We ate them with catsup, but I think Mom didn't know about tartar sauce, being from New Zealand.  But I don't know, the subject never came up.  I think finally Dad put his foot down about the salmon patties.

Anyway, this is my version.  Here I have three different kinds of salmon; red, pink, and coho.  For a million dollars I couldn't tell you much about the difference in the three, but the red is, well, red.   The other two were about the same beigey pink.  I found these three in my pantry, and I'm pretty sure I picked them up sometime this year, thinking "I could make salmon patties!"  Just open the cans and drain well.

This is the bread that I toasted and gave a spin into crumbs.  I put another couple of slices in there after I took this shot, realizing it wasn't enough.  I was going to be feeding 4 men.
Here are the things that went together with the salmon.  Celery, onion, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, pickle relish and bread crumbs. Amounts don't really matter, except you should have about half the amount of salmon in  bread crumbs.  If you don't have bread crumbs, use crackers.  If you don't have either, use oatmeal  Yes, uncooked oatmeal.  Or Bisquick.
Oh, and EGGS.  Don't forget eggs to hold it all together. That's better.
Now, take a pair of plastic gloves and mash, squish and mix.   Make sure it's all  "married" as they say on the cooking shows.  Silly!
Then  make patties and fry over medium heat.  I serve them with tartar sauce and lemon.  Don't know how to make tartar sauce?  Just mix mayo, worcestershire, lemon juice and pickle relish.  That's it.  I think the whole batch cost less than $10.00.  A very healthy meal, don't you think?

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