Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Chicken Spa

You might think this looks like 3 dead chickens.
But, no, this is a picture of 3 chickens in ecstacy.  Pure bliss.
They have a bucket of sand in their coop for bathing, but I'm sure that sand is cold.  And I rarely let them get up in the "dog" area, but today I did.  And they made a bee chicken line to the sand in Shady's Digging Spot.  They flopped and rubbed  and dug and flipped the sand up over their backs, and you could almost
 hear them moaning!  They carried on this way for about an hour, until Josephine just couldn't take any more, and so she put a stop to all their nonsense.  "Get back to your own part of the yard!" she said, "and go do your Chicken Thing."  And they did.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful recipes! but add 1 more! When our children were small, you gave me the best fried chicken recipe I ever had! Messy and not especially low cal............but omg yummy!!