Sunday, May 9, 2010


Everyone has their own guacamole recipe.  Isn't that right?  Some like it with onion, garlic, cilantro, whatever floats your boat.  Some people don't include tomato.  My family likes it this way----simple. 

 You will need perfectly ripe avocados.  They give to the touch,  but are not mushy soft.  I  like Hass avocados best, the ones with the bumpy skin.

Take your avocado and a big, sharp knife.

Put the knife in at the mid-point and roll the avocado down it, cutting it in two around the pit.  Twist the two sides and pull them apart, pop!

Carefully stick your knife into the pit and twist it slightly, until the pit can be removed.

Then, take a soup spoon and slip it between the skin and the meat of the avocado and separate the two.

There you go!

And you didn't even have to touch the slimy avocado!  

So into the bowl go the aguacates and the skinned tomatoes.  Don't know how to do that?  Just submerge the tomatoes into boiling water for about 10 seconds.

When you take them out of the boiling water, the skin should just slip off, like this:

Dice your tomatoes and add them to the bowl, along with salt and the juice of limes.  Here's the basic ratio:

 1 tomato per each 2 avocados.  1 lime per each tomato, extra if they are not juicy.  Salt to taste.  That's it, todo completo

Then, you mush/mix it up with a pastry blender, or a potato masher, or pair of knives.  There are those who want pieces of actual avocado in their guacamole, not pureed into baby food, and I am one of those.   Which leads me to a story...
Once in a classroom long, long ago, an ESL teacher was encouraging her students to talk about movies they had seen.  The movie "Exorcist" was not that old, at the time.  Fermin Wong excitedly waved his hand.  "Yes, Fermin?"  "Mees, did you see that movie?  She threw out guacamole!"
She sure did.

So when it's just the way you like it, take one of the pits and put it in the bowl.  It keeps your guacah from turning brown. 

How are you going to eat it?  Up to you.  I like it as part of a steak, dinner, myself.

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