Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Easy as Cobbler

It's been awfully busy. Getting started at school again, new puppy,  all kinds of business going on.  What's an easy dessert?  Cobbler.
My Mother made cobbler often.  It's just such a snap to throw together, and of course, it's much better nutritionally than a cake or cookies.
Here's how to get one together in about 5 minutes flat.  Then you have to cook it, of course.
I use frozen blackberries or mixed berries all the time.  You can use any kind of frozen fruit.

Sometimes I will find a bag that has been hiding (for a while) in the freezer.  If that happens, just put your berries in a colander and run cool water over them.  Good as new, right?

Put your berries in an ovenproof dish and add sugar.  For this much I add about a half cup.

Then add instant tapioca.  Again, I used about half a cup.

Add some lemon juice to brighten up the berries, about 1 lemon will do.

Add some salt because it sharpens up the flavors.   Now you can just stir it up and top it with some chunks of butter. 
Everything's better with butter, right?

Okay, now for the cobbler part.  I used a cup of self-rising flour.  That way I don't have to mess with baking powder.

To that, I add  a small amount of sugar.  Best to let the berries be sweet and the cobbler contrast a little bit.

Salt, again, and then stir it well with a whisk.

Add vanilla, and about a cup (for a batter, you need about the same amount of liquid as flour)  of half and half or cream.  This was half and half, because that's what was in the fridge.  You could also use buttermilk, or just plain milk.

Whisk it smooth and into the oven it goes, 325 for about 45 minutes.
Make sure the cobbler crust is completely done before you take it out, and the berries are all bubbly.  Wow, isn't that easy?

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