Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cracker Jack's Skinny Cousin

This recipe was the result of necessity and invention and the munchies.  And trying to stay away from candy.

What to do?  Here I was with some free time, a book to read, and needed....yes I really needed,  something sweet but not high-calorie-sweet.
I had some popcorn. Hmmm.

What would happen if I melted some of this natural cane sugar with a little pancake syrup? (Which contains corn syrup, useful when cooking sugar.)

Let the sugar cook until it was liquid and clear-ish?  About 5 minutes on medium heat.  (Don't let it burn!)

Sprayed the popcorn with butter flavor oil and salted it...

Threw in some slivered almonds?

Poured on the melted sugar and stirred like mad?

Wow.  All I'd need is a prize!

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