Monday, March 22, 2010

My Arctic Air Glass Door Refrigerator

I am posting this because when I was thinking about buying an Arctic Air restaurant glass-front refrigerator for our home, I could only find 1 opinion about it, and that was, I believe, on epinions.  That person loved it.
So, I am posting this after owing and using this for a year and a half, and I am saying, "I love it."
However, you have to have another freezer to keep ice or an ice maker or some scheme like that.   Because of course, this fridge won't freeze anything or make ice.  It doesn't have the shelves on the door for condiments.  And that's OK.  There's plenty of room in here for condiments.  I keep my veggies in one box and my cheese in another and my meat(ish) stuff in another and my condiments and tortillas in another.  The top shelf holds a ton of milk, drinks, yogurt, cream and sour cream.  
Having a glass door isn't everyone's dish of fish.  And I did, admittedly, spend quite a bit of time finding just the right plastic boxes for keeping things organized on the shelves.  I finally bought a plastic thingy with drawers at Walmart, keeping the drawers and ditching the plastic drawer holder.
But, here is the thing.  It's alive.  It's light.  It has a pleasant hum.  It's food.  I can see what's in it and know when I need to pick up some milk.  It's not boring.  I can keep tons of food in here, much more than any other fridge I've ever owned.  And it's the easiest-to-clean refrigerator I ever cleaned. I bought it from an internet restaurant supply, no tax and free shipping.  My own epinion is: A+.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Which model is that, & is it coninguing to delight you?

Jan said...

I still love it, however the last time I checked, they are not making this model anymore. Too bad!