Thursday, October 28, 2010

Popcorn Balls at the Lion's Club Carnival: My Re-creation.

This time of year makes me crave red enchiladas.  And pomegranates.  And popcorn balls.

Yes, the popcorn balls that were sold at the pokey little Lions Club Carnival that was held in my pokey little New Mexico hometown.

My mother, being a member of the ladies club that made them, always packed the sticky corn around a big fat marshmallow, and I thought that was just divine. I considered myself gypped if I didn't get one made by my mom.  Indignant!

But today I didn't want to fool around with a double boiler, and lots of butter, and marshmallow creme.  So...

I popped the corn in this.

I have to admit that this was a recent purchase.  This is NOT the same hot air popcorn popper that I had about 25 years ago.  That one was sold in a garage sale, along with my melon baller. Could you possibly be surprised?

I sprayed a little butter flavor oil on the pan, then on the corn, then salted it.  Back then, you snuck it in, but now we've got salt crystals sitting on sweet stuff just like that was normal!

Then I mixed in some mini-marshmallows.
Yes, I know it.  This is going to end up tasting like Fruit Loops.  So do yours with white ones!
Then I put it into the oven (350°) for 5 minutes.
I took it out and pushed down on some parchment paper on the top of it really hard.  Moosh, smoosh.
And when it was cool, I cut it with a buttered, serrated, knife.

And I was happy.  Now excuse me while I  go find some dental floss.

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