Sunday, October 17, 2010

Puppy Reward Treats (that won't eat your lunch)

My Baby Boy, Oliver, really, really likes his treats.  He's giving me the stink-eye because he's wondering why I am calling his name for no apparent reason, and if he will have to give up those chewy bones.  No worries, Ollie.  Just wanted to take your photo.
I've been training Oliver how to do the regular doggie stuff, sit, stay (working really hard on that one),  come-right-this-minute,  don't pee on the floor,  all that.  As all dog trainers know,  dogs  respond fast to edible rewards.  And faster to really tasty rewards.
However, a person could go broke buying store-bought doggie treats!  In desperation I searched online and this has worked like a charm.  I never would have thought of using hot dogs, and doing it this way saves you from having a stinky wet mess on your hands or in your pocket.

1.  Buy the cheapest weiners possible.  Fud!  Why does that make me think of Forrest Gump? Or those Hukd on Foniks jokes?  Anyway...
These were about $.79 for a package of 6.  A package of 6 will make a ton of treats if you do it this way.  Cut them in half lengthwise, turn a quarter turn, and cut again. Then cut them in slices about the width of an uncooked macaroni noodle.

 2.  Spread them out on a paper towel, and cover with another paper towel
 3.  Roll the towels up like a burrito.
 4. Put the paper towel burrito in the microwave for 4:00 on high.

 And when they are finished, take them out and let them cool, then separate any that got stuck together.  They should be almost completely dry and crispy.  They will keep almost forever in an air-tight container.  Ollie and Josephine think they are the best thing they've ever tasted, ...with the possible exception of cat poop.

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