Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Butter Bell

I don't know about you, but it really gets the morning off to a stinkin' start when I have to spread cold butter on my toast.
And I love real butter.  Don't give me any of that "Can't believe it" gunk.  I don't believe it.

So I got a Butter Bell.  You see, the thing that really makes butter rancid is air.  And unless you are north of 80, your house is probably cool enough to keep butter from melting.  So the idea here is that you put clean water in the bottom of the butter bell, and the top of the butter is inverted ito cool water, thus sealing it off from the air that turns it.
The only problem is that  the butter frequently would fall out of the bell and end up sitting in the water.  Humph. What to do?

After experimenting with different "sticking agents" I found the perfect thing.  Honey!

Just put a spoonful of honey on the bottom of the clean and dry bell before smushing the softened butter into the bell, and voila!   Now you can invert your bell into the water crock and it will be just as smooth as buttah when you go to put it on your toast in the morning with no more floating islands.  Hooray!

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