Friday, November 20, 2009

The Right Tool for The Job.

It took me a long time to finally break down and buy another mellon baller.  I know I had one at some other house, and can just imagine myself saying, "I never use that.  Out it goes."  And out it went along with some other stuff I had quit using like a potato ricer, plastic immersible egg timer, glass anti-boil-over device, etc., etc.
Then I started wondering why I had tossed it.  They are good for so many jobs.  So I bought another one, an OXO.  Eight bucks! I was mad at myself, but not mad enough to punish myself any longer by not having the right. tool. for. the. job.

Here's something you really need one for.  Baked apples.  And this is how I make them.
Start out with big fat Rome apples.   That's what my Mom told me and that's what I get.  Wash'em up good.

Then take your big side of the mellon baller and scoop out a ball around the stem.  Isn't that so pretty and white?
Then switch over to the small side and scoop out the seeds and the tough middle stuff.

 The girls outside really liked eating the part that I scooped out.

Then take your large side and dip it into the brown sugar twice.  Put the sugar into the apple each time.
Turn the baller over and press the cup side into the sugar to smoosh it down.  Then sprinkle clove, ginger, and cinnamon over the sugar. 

Then take the large ball side and scoop a nice little butterball out of the butter, and top off the spices.

When you've got them done, you can just put them aside until you're ready to cook.  And by the way, this Costco Saigon Cinammon is wonderful.  Did you know Vietnam has the best cinnamon?

Put them in the oven for 40 minutes at 350 and they will be split open, buttery and sweet and smell delicious.
Just to be decadent, I put a little fresh whipped cream on top and served with a gingerbread blondie.   I love cooking in the fall.

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